City Lounge: New York (Book Two, Chapter Six: Spicy Girl)

Chapter Six: Spicy Girl:

Carmen’s on the hunt.

She’s not the kind of girl who stays single for long. Her laid back charm invites people in. Carmen didn’t socialize much, but she did talk to people. Today, she wanted a date. When was the last time she was with somebody? She couldn’t tell anymore.

Anyway, onto more important things. Time to get that date. Carmen knew of her favorite place to look. The Cubbyhole on a Saturday night was the best place to be for a lesbian. Carmen and the other girls in the group met many a hook-up here. Legend has it that Izzie met Sabrina here. Maybe Carmen would get lucky tonight. (Minus the crazy girl turning into a crazy part, of course.)

Carmen sat at the bar, scanning the place. This bar had its fair share of choices. The Dj didn’t feel any rush to find a date right away. Her way to get girls was to relax for the night and scan the scene. She found some cute femmes being hit on by butch gals. Even the butch ladies looked yummy. Carmen tilted her head. Sometimes, she dated butch. Sometimes, she was attracted to femme. It just depended on who she saw first.

Already, she caught a butch girl’s eye. Biker chick, this one was. Carmen would put between a six and seven. The DJ nodded as if to say “Sup!” The biker chick was about to go over to her when a little femme girl dressed in pink grabbed her by the arm. She glared over at Carmen. The DJ put up her hands. Okay, okay. No harm, no foul.

Onto the next girl.

What did Carmen want tonight? She decided to leave it up to chance. The DJ would know what she was looking for when she saw it. Suddenly, her eyes caught a cute girl with long black hair and jeans walking over to the jukebox. Carmen fixed her gaze on the new candidate as she put coins into the machine. Heart’s “These Dreams” filled the air. Not exactly Carmen’s pick in music, but the lighting made her forgive that little flaw. The woman walked out to the center and started to dance. She and Carmen seemed to lock eyes for a moment. The DJ found herself rising to her feet and walking over to this woman in the Rolling Stones t-shirt. They both danced to the crappy song playing in the background.

“So what’s your name?” Carmen asked. The woman put her finger to her lips. The DJ stared at her with big eyes. Okay then… Names are overrated, I guess. Her dance partner broke into a smile. Was it possible for a woman to have eyes so green like that? Carmen could’ve sworn she was looking into an island of fresh grass. She gulped as she tried to follow the dancing woman’s lead. Was she dreaming? This smiling vixen leaned in for a kiss. It didn’t even feel real. Carmen slowly closed her eyes and kissed back. The DJ felt like flying away into the stars.

“These Dreams” blended into a more upbeat song. When Carmen opened her eyes, she stood alone. Where did that woman go? The DJ pinched herself in the cheek. She was still in the bar, but where was that girl? Carmen shuffled over to the bar with hands in her pockets. For the rest of the night, she tried to figure out if that dance and kiss was all in her head. Deep down inside, she hoped that it was real.

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