City Lounge: London (Book Two, Chapter Fifteen: Train Vibe)

Chapter Fifteen: Train Vibe:


I couldn’t sleep that night. My mind went back to my song. I had the base secured, but I still had other elements missing from it. I turned onto my back in bed. There was only one way to fix this and be able to get to sleep. I jumped out of bed and got dressed. The only things I took with me were my iPod, cell phone, and keys. I left my front light on as I left  my flat.

When was the last time I did this? I shoved my hands into my pockets. My neighbour worried about me walking around so late at night. Even more so since the terror attacks in France. She keeps trying to give pepper spray when I walk out the door. (I keep telling her that I will be fine. But she never listens. I don’t know what to do with her.)

I put my earbuds in my ear and hit play. The pounding of Massive Attack’s drove me to start running to the bus stop. I remembered that there was still one bus that ran around at night. Usually, I would get in my car and drive around. Sadly, the car is still in the shop. I shook that thought from my head. I needed a new focus.

I shifted my mind back to my song.

I made it to the bus stop just as I got back into my groove. The bass is perfect, but I still need more. Drumming would be the logical step for me. I hit pause on my iPod and closed my eyes. The passing cars took my back to summer nights on my lawn when I was kid. Mum and I would wait for dad on late nights and listen for his car riding by. She would hold me to her chest and listen to the traffic at night. Mum said that it calmed her nerves.

A small smile came onto my face. Maybe I could sample some sounds into the track. When I opened my eyes, the bus was pulling up. I stood up as it pulled up to a stop. The old man behind the wheel opened the doors for me.

“Good evening,” I said. The driver lifted his hat.

“Going to work tonight?” he asked.

“Nah,” I said, shaking my head. “I just want to get on and ride around the city.”

“Okay,” the driver said, shrugging. I walked on and took a seat in the front. Suddenly, I felt like I was back in university again. Sometimes when we had nothing to do, Sophie and I would ride around the city and not talk. Occasionally, she would go to sleep on my shoulder. I smiled as drums and fond memories ran around in circles in my head. The notes were catching up to the bass on the ground in my head.

I pulled out my phone and wrote out the drumming with that strong base. My hand slipped into my pocket and I hit play. My music started to have a dance battle with Massive Attack in my earbuds. The bus pulled up to a stop. I waved at three parties girls hurrying on the bus. One of them gave me a crept out look before she sat down.

You know, Mum and I used to ride the bus around the city when we were on holiday. She did it the for the same reasons I did. Mum didn’t enjoy sleeping in hotels. So, she would get me out of bed and take me with her to the bus station.

“Why are we out here, mummy?” I would ask.

“Being out in the night calms me down,” she would say. I never could understand until I got older why she would be out riding around in the night. Anyway, mum and I would board the last bus of the night and just ride around, silent. Sometimes, she would sit with her eyes closed. I’d poke her in the side with my bony little fingers.

“I’m not asleep,” she would say. “I’m thinking.” I always wanted to ask what she was thinking, but I never could bring myself to do it. To be honest, I found that riding the bus around the city at night rather relaxing. Mum and I would be sound asleep until around ten in morning by the time we got back to the hotel.

I came back to reality when I heard “Veronika” by Tricky in my earbuds. I always loved the drumming and maracas in this song. The drumming in my head started to match up with the song itself. In fact, my fingers itched to go back to my phone. I found myself quick to write the drum notes to match up with the bass in my notepad. I smiled at my handy work. Yes, this will work perfectly!

I wonder what I should add next.

“What are you working on there, lad?” the driver asked. He spoke just as “Veronika” was going off. I looked as if on cue.

“New song,” I said.

“How is coming along?” he asked. I smiled and hit “save” on my phone.

“Pretty good,” I said. That’s when the good out remedy started to kick in. My eyes felt the need to draw closed. Just two more stops for good measure. Yeah, that will be right. I have fallen asleep on the bus before on these night rides. Sophie or mum would have to shake me awake just as we reached our stop. Would I doze off on my own this time? Would be there to wake me up?

Amazingly enough, I didn’t doze off as I reached my stop. I pulled the chord and the bus pulled to a stop.

“You have a nice night,” the driver told me as I walked off the bus.

“You too,” I said. I shoved my hands into my pockets as the bus pulled away. That wasn’t too bad for a nightly ride on the bus. I will have to do this again when I can’t sleep. I’ll have to bring Sophie along with me sometimes just like in the old days.

End of City Lounge: London: Book Two

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