City Lounge: Berlin (Book Two, Chapter Fifteen: New World)

Chapter Fifteen: New World:

I feel like it’s a new era for me.

When I got up this morning, it felt like the sun was shining on me. Despite the calls for rain today, I could still feel warm all over. I probably could’ve gotten lost in that movie, Singing in the Rain, if it did rain. I walked into work, smiling.

“Good morning,” I said to the receptionist. The small blonde woman looked up at me while she was on the phone and waved. I waved back before heading to the elevator. For once, I didn’t mind the old German music playing on the way up. I even felt like dancing to it. Who cares if the cameras were watching or not?

When the doors opened, I walked with a skip in my step. Go ahead. Bring on the day.

I sat at my desk, typing and humming. It was only Wednesday, but my mind was on Friday. Sebastian and me just hanging out at his place. We could have a light meal and listen to swing music. Maybe something else could happen too.

I smiled and giggled to myself.

“Something good happen lately?” I heard someone ask. I froze as I looked up. Julia sat across from me with her eyebrow raised.

“Oh,” I said. “I had a good night, last night.” She was quick to lean forward.

“Details?” she asked.

“Details?” I repeated.

“Yes, tell me what happened.”

“You sure?”


I couldn’t help but smile. Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt to tell her. We’re official after all. There’s no reason to hide it. I sat back and flipped back my dark red hair. “Sebastian and I are dating now.”

“Get out!” Julia said, gasping.

“It’s true.”

“Wow! I’m so happy for you.”

“Why thank you.”

“Have you…?”

I made a curious face at her. “What?”

Julia started to move her hands around as she spoke. “You know…” She leaned in even closer with her mouth cupped over her mouth. “Have you done it yet?”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Have you and him done it  yet?”

I looked at her like a little newborn deer. “Done what?”

Julia groaned and dropped her head. “Have you and Sebastian slept together yet?”

My cheeks turned a bright pink. “Oh… That…”

“Well, have you?”

I turned away as my face turned redder. Julia whistled and giggled. She turned my face towards hers. Why was she grinning at me like that?

“Oh! So you have!” she shouted.

“Not so loud!” I hissed. I didn’t know why I was acting like that. Maybe it was instinct or how I had grown up in my high school years. Come on, sex isn’t something to be ashamed of. Most adults do it in some form or another. Julia let go of my face.

“So how was it?” she asked.

“Good, I guess,” I said. My coworker narrowed her eyes with a confused look.

“You guess?” she asked. I laced my hands in my lap.

“He was my first,” I said, raising my voice. I jerked my head around no sooner had the words left my mouth. Some of my other coworkers were looking at me with strange looks on their faces. Aw, crap. Why did I have to get loud at that part? I smacked myself in the forehead as I dropped my head. I peeked out of the cracks to see Julia pondering what I just said.

“He was?” she asked. I dropped my hand by my side.

“Yeah,” I admitted.

“So how did you do it?” Julia asked. I jerked my head over to her, glaring.

“I am not going to talk about my sex life with you,” I said. “We are not that close!” Julia pouted at me as she propped her head onto her hands.

“You’re not fun,” she said.

“I didn’t say I was,” I said. “Personally, I would like us to be done before I say something else that will embarrass me. We might talk at lunch.”

“But…” she said.

“I’m going back now,” I said. I buried myself in my document I was typing on my computer screen. Julia did try to talk to me again, but I ignored her. I smiled when she finally decided to give up and get back to her work.

Even her nosy antics didn’t ruin my day.


Around lunch time, I got a text from Stephanie. I smiled as I opened it.

“You free tonight?” she asked. I tapped the screen.

“Sure. What are you plotting now?” I typed. I hit send. She hit me back with a reply.

“Not much. Just going around the city and raising Hell.”

I typed back, “Don’t raise too much hell. I would like to stay employed.”

She sent back, “Okay, okay. So is that a yes?”

“Yeah.” Before I hit sent, I remembered something else. “Oh, hey. I finally did it with Sebastian.” For extra measure, I put a smiley at the end of the sentence. I hit send and waited. The results were more than I had hoped for.

“Are you serious?” Stephanie wrote back.

“Yeah,” I replied with.

“Wow! Cheers, mate! You have to tell me about how it went when we meet up.” She basically said the same thing Julia did when she figured it out. Only difference was that I didn’t mind telling Stephanie because we were that close again.

“Sure, what time?” I wrote.

“How does six sound?” she replied.


“See you then.”

By that time, lunch was over. It felt like the sun was shining down on me again. During the afternoon shift, I began thinking about my honey, Sebastian. The first time really wasn’t as explosive as the softcore porn romance books drum it up to be. But, I better it gets better the more times we do it. Knowing Stephanie, she would probably try to push me to do bolder things in bed. I’m not quite ready for that yet. I just want to enjoy the way things are a little bit longer before I go any further.

By the time I finished the last document for the day, it was close to six.

“Oh crap, I’m going to be late,” I said. I packed up my things and headed out the door to meet up with Stephanie to “raise some hell” around the city.

End of City Lounge: Berlin: Book Two

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