City Lounge: Berlin (Book Two, Chapter One: Strange Guests)

City Lounge: Berlin (Book Two)

Chapter One: Strange Guests:


Ever since my day off, my friends won’t leave. Every weekend, Stephanie and Sebastian come over to my apartment and just hang around. They tend to forget how to go home. Another thing I can’t understand is how Sebastian found my place.

“I gave him your address,” Stephanie told me three weeks ago. She sounded so nonchalant about it too. I about died screaming.

“You did what? !” I cried.  Stephanine gave me a puzzled look.

“I thought you would be thrilled, ” she said.

“Yeah,  but you don’t have permission to give out other people’s addresses! ” I complained.

“He wanted to ask you himself, but he  couldn’t get hold of you at your job. ”


“So, I took the initiative for you. Besides,  I told him he can only come around when I come over. ”

I felt like a deflated balloon. I was glad to see Sebastian again, that wasn’t her address to give out. She should’ve asked for my permission first.  Now, my guests tend to stay over until Monday. I don’t know how to tell them not to otherwise.

This Saturday was no different.

We sat in my living room doing nothing. I watched my two friends from the couch. Stephanie lay on the floor,  staring at the ceiling.  Sebastian looked out the window.  There wasn’t much to do today. I already completed my shift for the morning at Wings. (I had to fill in because a coworker of mine had a baby last week. ) I had just gotten home when I found Stephanie and Sebastian waiting for me outside my door. I greeted them with a strange look.

“What are you guys doing here? ” I asked.

“I just thought we’d come here today, ” Stephanine said.  Her short red ponytail swung back and forth as she talked. Figures. Why did I even ask.

“How long have you guys been out here? ” I asked.

“About an hour,  I think, ” Sebastian said. I didn’t know whether to shake my head or sigh.

“Hold on,” I said. I walked up to my door and unlocked it.

Now, Stephanie turned to me from the ceiling.

“Em, where’s the music? ” she asked.

“What I asked. She sat up on the floor.

“Can we have some music? ” she asked.  I tilted my head.

“Why? ” I asked.

“I can’t stand the silence, ” she complained.

“What about the TV?”

“TV will rot out your brain. Music is the real food to the soul.” Stephanie leapt to her feet . “Where is your radio or something? ” She started looking around my living room. Sebastian was looking at us by now. I sighed and turned on my flat screen.

“Turn on radio feature, ” I commanded. Stephanie paused and turned to me. I dropped my head back on the couch.

“What would you like to hear? ” I asked.

“Swing, ” Sebastian said.

“Okay, ” my TV said. Stephanie and I looked at him with our mouths open as swing music filled the room.

“Sebastian,” Stephanie said. “I never took you for a swing guy.”

“I do have eclectic tastes,” he said. That beautiful man stood up. “Which one of you ladies care to dance with me?” My cheeks turned bright red. Stephanie nudged me in the arm. She had to push me in the lower back to push me to my feet. I looked around with big eyes. Sebastian held out his hand. My eyes dropped to the floor. I stepped forward without a word. He gently pulled me into his arms.

“I’ll lead, you follow, okay?” that beautiful German man said. He lifted me by my chin and looked me in the eye. His brown eyes made me melt inside. It was as if I had lost the ability to speak as my body started to move along with his.  My feet didn’t seem to want to get off of the ground at first.

“Would it help if you stood on my feet?” Sebastian asked.

“Okay…” I whispered. I moved my feet onto his and he dragged me around with his moves to the swing music in the living room. I looked over and saw Stephanie shrugging.

“Might as well,” she said. She got lost in the music as she began to dance solo. You should’ve see us. I almost wanted to pinch my cheeks. It felt like we were transported back in the American 1920’s. My living room would look great in black and white. I could see Stephanie dressed up like a flapper girl. And Sebastian… Oh, Sebastian. He would make a perfect rebellious jazz musician like those in the sliver screen. But where did that leave me?

I came back to reality when Sebastian stopped moving.

“It’s over already?” I asked. That beautiful man chuckled.

“We could dance to another song if you want,” he said. Who was this man? His voice reminded me of honey. My cheeks flushed as I slowly nodded.

“Sure,” I mumbled. “I would love that.” Stephanie whistled at me from the side.

“Steph!” I wailed.

“I don’t mind,” she said. “You can have your little dancing. I’m going over to get a drink.”

“I still don’t have any beer,” I said.

“I know,” my Australian friend said. “That’s why I brought my own yesterday.” I turned my head with big eyes.

“What?!” I asked. I never saw any beer in my little fridge. As her words sunk into my head, I gave her a puzzled look. “Huh?” Stephanie smiled as she tapped the side of her nose. She opened the fridge door and reached inside. She smiled and took a gulp.

“Damn good beer,” Stephanie said.

“You always say that,” I said.

“Because it is,” she replied. “Germans have the best beer in the world.”

“Why thank you,” Sebastian said. He swept me away into another dance when the second swing song filled the air. Stephanie smiled as she watched us. I get the feeling this is going to repeat itself tomorrow. And then the next weekend. Somehow, I’m okay with this. I smiled as I got lost further into the jazz and the dancing.

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