City Lounge: Paris (Book Two, Chapter Fifteen: Vow)

Chapter Fifteen: Vow:

I awoke back in my room the next morning. To my surprise, I found Simone sitting at the foot of my bed, watching me. I sat up with a perplexed look on my face.

“Simone?” I asked. “You stayed here all night? Watching me?”

“I had to,” she said. “It didn’t feel right to put you to bed and leave you after your little trip?” At first, what she said didn’t make any sense.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Last night, you were upset about your ex,” Simone said.

“I remember that part.”

“Well, I let you get it all out of your system. When you fell asleep, I remembered my promise to make you forget about her. So I figured that you needed a little pick-me-up to help flush your misery out for a night.”

I tilted my head as it began to slowly sink in. I broke down trembling. “Don’t tell me you drugged me last night.”


“Then… what was that you gave me?”

Simone’s lips curved into a catlike grin. “Just a mild hallucinogen.”

My jaw dropped to my sheets. “What?!” I think my voice could be heard from the apartment next door.

“It’s not addictive and it’s only going to be a one-off for you,” she told me in a matter of fact tone. I slowly shook my head.

“You still gave me drugs!” I complained.

“Only to help you. Anyway, you had a wild trip and kissed me on the lips,” she said. My cheeks turned red as I put my fingertips to my lips. It all came back in a clear picture now.

“Did we…?” I began to ask.

She shook her head. “You passed out in my arms. I carried you home, put you bed, and just sat here until you awoke up.” I stared at her with big eyes as she stretched her arms above her head.

“I think I dozed off at one point,” she said. Simone rose to her feet. “I’m going to go take a shower and see what I can find us for breakfast. Are you feeling okay?” She placed her hand on my forehead.

“I guess so…” I said in a low voice.

“I’ll get you plenty of water and something heavy to eat,” Simone said. “I won’t take long.” I stared at her backside as she walked into my bathroom. She closed the door behind her. Who was this woman? I should be angry at her for what she did to me, but strangely that’s not what’s happening here. I guess I’m still trying to get my head back in order or something like that. The sound of running water filled the silence of my room.

Now that I think about it, ever since Simone came into my life, I haven’t had a second of rest with her. I did a quick count in my head. We’ve been dancing this waltz for about six weeks now and neither can stop. Even when the music stops, we keep going on. What I don’t understand is why she chose me of all people to be her dance partner. I don’t have much to offer her. I’m just boring, broke, and awkward. But she stays with me anyway. And for some reason…

I froze. That’s when it hit me. There was something that I needed to do.

I jumped out of bed and ran straight into the bathroom. I ripped open the curtain, panting. Simone looked at me with a curious look on her face.

“Is something wrong?” she asked. The Indigo queen didn’t even bother to cover up. I bowed my head as my face turned beet red.

“Please!” I shouted. “Let me stay by your side! I’ll be anything that you want me to be. Just… please! I want to stay with you in any way that I can!” Simone lifted my head. She didn’t need to say anything with her words. Instead, that seductive witch leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I folded like a little puppet under her command. Simone pulled me into the shower with her and rolled off my dark red t-shirt. I reached down and unzipped my black jeans. All of my clothes ended up outside of the shower before I pinned my Indigo queen against the wall. I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Her thick tan thighs came on either side of me, inviting back inside of her. Just like all of the other times before, I was more than happy to give in. I pushed her upwards before entering her pussy. I yelped in her mouth as her nails dug into my shoulder blades.

I needed her. This wasn’t about forgetting Paula anymore. Everything had turned to Simone. By now, I saw how much of an effect she had on me. The music in our waltz increased in pitch and tempo. I knew the steps, but each time the music when be different and Simone would throw in more moves to keep me on edge. Yes, this was the way that I had to have it. We’ve been involved for six weeks now. I have mind up my mind to be in it for the full ride.

Her moans circled around my head like honey bees. I couldn’t even feel her nails in my shoulder blades as I focused only on her. Simone’s eyes were closed as if she herself was dreaming up a new spell to cast on me. I smirked as I gave her another quick kiss. Go ahead and cast it on me. I am your willing voodoo doll now.

She and I collapsed on the tub floor after my climax. I looked her in the eyes, panting. Something about Simone looked erotic when she was spent after sex. She reached up and caressed my cheek. Her lips curved into her famous catlike smile.

“What shall we have for breakfast, my paramour?” she asked. The way she said that sent happy shivers down my spine. Even when she speaks, the witch is casting her spell on me. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. I think I’m going to like being this witch’s little sex voodoo doll in Paris.

End of City Lounge: Paris: Book Two

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