Introducing… City Lounge: New York

These are the characters of City Lounge: New York, Book One:

  • Isabella “Izzie” Peterson: 25, black, bisexual and polygamous, writer
  • Kris: 25, white, straight, soldier in the army, Izzie’s boyfriend
  • Diane Grey: 25, white, lesbian and journalist, Izzie’s girlfriend
  • Liz Whitehead: 24, white, lesbian, social worker, Diane’s best friend
  • Maggie: 25, black, straight, pediatrician, Naomi’s best friend
  • Katie: 25, white, straight, vet, Kris’ childhood friend
  • Aaron: 24, white, Jewish, gay, bartender, Izzie’s best friend
  • Ian: 25, white, gay, actor, Elle’ best friend and friends with Hayley
  • Shasha: 25, white, lesbian, receptionist/musician
  • Shane High: 26, white, lesbian, hair dresser
  • Elle Grey: 25, white, lesbian, actress, friends with Hayley
  • Carmen: 25, Latina, lesbian, DJ
  • Hayley Watanabe: 25, Half-Japanese and white, lesbian, movie buff, comic book artist, friends with Elle and Ian
  • Naomi: 25, white, lesbian, freelance photographer, Maggie’s best friend
  • Hector: 25, Hispanic, straight, Carmen’s cousin

There you have it. There’s everyone from Paris, Berlin, London, and New York in the first books of each of their series. I will have more details on the existing characters and new ones as we go along. Plus, I will make a new announcement in the wonderful world of my publishing. For now…

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