City Lounge: Paris (Book Two, Chapter Eight: Season of the Witch)

Chapter Eight: Season of the Witch:

Simone has this powerful hold on me. Every night, I am reminded of this. Tonight was no different. I walked her home from hanging around at her mom’s cafe. It started with Simone nibbling on my ear. My whole body became tense.  When my eyes trailed downwards, she looked up at me with catlike grin.

“Entertain me,” she purred in my ear. Something in her voice ordered me to comply. My face turned red as I gulped.

“Simone…” was all that came out of my mouth.

“Please?” she asked. I hadn’t realized how close she was to my body. I lowered my eyes to where she had her arms around mine.

We ended up back at her place– again.

She pinned me up against the wall and kissed me. Earlier today, I was listening to a song by this group called Wax Tailor. Now that I think about it, “Ungodly Fruit” described Simone very well. She was probably bad for me, but I couldn’t stay away.

“Simone,” I managed to say. “Shouldn’t we get inside first?”

“Hm?” she asked.

“I want to do this on a bed at least. Can we please go inside?”

Simone pulled away and drew out the key from around her neck. Once we got inside, that seductive witch with the indigo braids pulled me back into her spell. This was starting to become the norm. We didn’t make love every night, but our nights together had become so blurred that it started to feel that way. My days at work felt too long without her. Part of me wanted to pretend to be sick some days just to spend the day with Simone. How could I had fallen for someone that hard without knowing it?

I fell back on her bed made of purple silk sheets. Simone climbed on top of me, looking like she was ready to eat me. I already know how this night is going to end, but it always excites me as it unfolds.

“What do you want tonight, William?” Simone asked in a husky, seductive tone.

“You!” I said, breathlessly. “Only you.”

“Smart answer,” she said. That indigo queen leaned down and kissed me on the lips. Every day and night has turned into the season of the witch. Her beauty was that intoxicating. Her hands moved down to my jeans. I smiled like a naughty little child as she unzipped them. My eyes couldn’t stay out from down her halter top.

“Take me! Take me!” I moaned. My hips started bouncing up and down. Simone gently put her finger to my lips.

“Easy, my dear William,” she said. “Easy. Easy.” I gulped as I realized how close she was to me. Her perfume tickled my nose. It’s all part of her spell. I couldn’t get away from it, but did I really want to? What is so wrong with being under the spell of a witch? They don’t always have to be evil.

Once the clothes came off, I counted down to what was going to follow. Will it be her hands that she starts with tonight? Or her mouth? Or maybe…?

She moved down to my happy boner. Oh… I clutched the sheets under me as I closed my eyes. Simone was so good with her tongue. She starts at the base and moves up to the tip of the head.

“Ah!” I moaned. The tip of her tongue circled the tip. Was this much pleasure even legal? How did she get this good? I looked down and happened to see her looking up at me in that seductive, “eat me” look. Every time she does this, I expect her to devour me like a wild roasted turkey. Her mouth could open wide and pull me in. To be honest, that wouldn’t be so bad while I was in this world of bliss. Eat me! Eat me!

I opened my eyes when she pulled away. Even though I know what’s coming next, I am still whimpering like a sad little puppy. Simone gave me a sympathetic look.

“Patience,” she whispered. “I promise that I will take good care of you tonight.” Her thighs came on either side of me. Oh yes, give it to me.

“Give it to me!” I let slip out of my mouth. That Indigo witch giggled as she slid down on me. I moaned at her wet warmth. This was where the spell would get intense. Every night that we do this, Simone pulled me deeper into her world. I don’t want to leave it. When I look at her face, she was away in her own sexual ecstasy. Why do women look so erotic when they are in the middle of sex? Men look so ugly when they are enjoying themselves in the bedroom. When Simone leaned down and kissed me on the lips, any other thoughts that I had were brushed away.

Love me! Love me! I am yours, of Indigo Queen! Make me your little pet!

“Oh god! I can’t hold it anymore!” I shouted. I hit my climax in the strong latex rubber. Simone collapsed beside of me once she reached her own limit. She looked up at me, panting.

“I love you, Simone,” I said as I was closing my eyes. Did I really mean it? Was that me saying that or me under her spell? That line is so blurred that I can’t tell or even begin to sort out the details. Simone rested her hand on my chest.

“I love you too, Will,” she said. She says it so easily. It’s almost like it’s rehearsed. Does she really mean it or is she playing another game with me? That witch with the indigo braids never gave me a chance to sort out reality from the games that we play under her spell. Either way, I keep coming back to her ungodly fruit. The next night will be no different and I am actually looking forward to the next stage of this seductive game.

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