City Lounge: Paris (Book Two, Chapter Three: She’s My Lover)

Chapter Three: She’s My Lover:

Last night, man. Wow!

Simone led me back to her apartment after a night at her mom’s cafe. Charlotte kept eyeing me in the corner like I was going to steal something. Marie smacked her in the back of the head.

“If you have time to stand around staring at the customers, you can go and finish your homework,” I picked up on her saying. I couldn’t hear what Charlotte was muttering, but her mother gave her a stern look.

“What was that?” she asked. Charlotte’s brown ponytail swung from side to side as she shook her head before heading to the stairs to her room. Somehow, I couldn’t help but to smile. Go Marie!

Afterwards,  Simone dragged me back to her place. She seemed to be high on something. I found myself tempted to ask. My Indigo queen turned to me with a high smile on her face.

“You won’t be able to sleep tonight,” she purred in my ear. There was something about her voice that had me hook. I could only stare at her with wide eyes. Yes! I will do as you say! If Simone commanded me to jump off of the Eiffel Tower in that voice, I would’ve done it without a second thought. Simone took hold of my hand and led me inside.

I think I might have been high off of the same thing she was. I couldn’t stop looking like I was off in La La Land. Was her apartment always this colorful? I wasn’t bothered as she pinned me up against the wall and kissed me.

Whoa there, little kitty!

But, who was I to stop her? I am powerless against her vigor. Take me. Yes, take me! My hands inched forward and took her by the waist. Her lips slowly pulled away from mine.

“Tell me what you want tonight,” she said in a husky voice. I started breathing heavily.

“You,” was all that I could. Simone slipped her hand down into my jeans. I didn’t remember when I got so hard. But the sensations wouldn’t let me put a finger on it. The time between when she pushed me up against the living room wall and me falling back onto the bed disappeared in a blur. Simone climbed on top of me.


She slid her red and white dress over her head. Every time that Indigo Queen strips, it feels like a new surprise to me. Simone makes it into a show. I want to take her clothes off myself, but she won’t let me do it yet. Moments like this remind me that I still can’t figure her out. But is that really important right now? When that dress hit the floor, I already have my answer. What is her next move going to be, I wonder.

I learned something else about Simone that night. She wasn’t a queen, but a powerful witch. She already cat a spell on me. I can see the effects through her curves and lacy underwear. Tonight will be no different. Will the bra or my shirt be the next thing to go?

My eyes were locked on her as I waited for the next move.

This time, she went for my jeans. Simone was so quick with her hands that I didn’t even get time to map out how this evening would go. She doesn’t yank them right off either. My body jumped as she rolled my jeans down my legs. The witch looked down at the tent in my boxers. Her eyes looked like she was plotting another spell to cast on me. It begins when the rest of our clothes landed on the floor. Her thick thighs came on either side of me. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. Simone rested her finger on my lips as I predicted. Her fingertips felt soft against the hard skin of my cock. Drool escaped from my mouth as I began breathing heavily. One more push and I would go back into the blissful sea of pleasure.

Was her bedroom always that red? I couldn’t remember. Her hips grinded against mine as her nails sank into my shoulder blades. Every inch of my body wanted to respond. I wanted to hold her, kiss her, thrust back…

Her spell is so strong that I can’t move.  The strange thing is that Simone keeps adding onto it. I’m hooked into everything about her in our sexual encounters. Her voice, scent, body, touch, and affection. The more we end up in different beds, the spell gets stronger. I dance along to her saucy rhythm. Her music had that much of a hold on me. Just like the first night I met her in the club, Simone did most of the dancing and I was the prop. My job was to smile and follow along.

The colors in the room spun faster with the moaning of her voice. I couldn’t help but to scream with her. When our eyes met, my heart fluttered. I… I can’t hold it!

“I love you so much!” I screamed as I reached my climax. Even though I scream this, does it stick? What are we exactly? She hasn’t tried to establish us and neither have I. The closer we get in our seductive dances, the more my heart race when I am around her. But, it’s still too early to dive back into a relationship. How long does it take to heal from getting dumped? When is it the appropriate time to move on to another relationship? Does she want to get into a relationship with me? Wait… Were we already dating?

The questions were once again brushed away when she rested her head on my chest.

-Present Day-

I sat back in my chair, smiling. I can’t wait to see what tonight is going to bring. How is Simone going to feed her spell on me? I squealed to myself as I pulled my knees to my chest. I didn’t care if anyone was looking at me funny or not.

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