Introducing… City Lounge: Paris

These are the characters of City Lounge: Paris, Book One:

  • Will Richardson: American, intern at Wings International, the Paris branch, 24, just got dumped by his longtime girlfriend, Paula Paige
  • Simone Leroy: Mixed race, Parisian-Swiss, freelance photographer, 24, vows to make Will forget about Paula
  • Paula Paige: American, intern at Wings International—the Paris branch, 24, dumps Will for a French musician
  • Marie Arzel: Black Parisian, 45, Simone’s mother, owner of a small café from out of her house in uptown Paris
  • Emilie Denon: Black Parisian, 26, Simone’s older sister, married and high-powered businesswoman
  • Charlotte Arzel: Black Parisian, 13, Simone’s younger sister, student, helps Marie around the café after school
  • Hugo Moreau: French, 24, friend of Will and Paula, total player and sleeps with many women
  • Gaston: French, 47, Will and Paula’s boss at Wings International
  • Alexis: Paris, 24, coworker of Will and Paula at Wings International—the Paris branch

I will have the characters from Berlin, London and New York shortly. Until then…

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