City Lounge: New York (Book One, Chapter Twelve: Rainy Blues)

Chapter Twelve: Rainy Blues:


No one likes rain in New York. Izzie hates it the worst. She lay on Dianne’s bed, staring at the ceiling and groaning.

“I’m so bored!” she complained.

“Uh-huh,” Dianne said.

Izzie turned her head. “Entertain me!”

“Not right now. I’m busy.”

Her girlfriend groaned. “Damn it!” Dianne kept typing. The writer puffed up her cheeks and turned to Dianne’s back.

“How much longer are you going to keep working on that?” she asked.

“I have to get this article finished for tomorrow,” Dianne said.

“That’s just boring.”

“I don’t make tons of money like you do.”

“I don’t make that much.” Izzie pouted.

“You make more than I do.”

“Okay. Okay.”

“Thank you.” Dianne buried herself in her work. Izzie turned her head towards the window. Only ten in the morning and it hadn’t stopped raining.

“So bored!” she complained.

“Yes, I know,” her girlfriend said. Izzie groaned again.

“Don’t you have a book to work on?” Dianne asked.

“Nope,” Izzie said.

“That’a a surprise.”

“I’m waiting to hear back from the editor.”

“Why don’t you call and harass them?”

“They won’t pick up.”

“I wonder why.”


“Nothing, babe.”

Izzie turned over and pouted. Dianne sighed and lowered her shoulders.

“If you are so bored, find something to do around the apartment.”

Izzie looked at her. “Like what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe clean up the place or something. Just let me get back to work. I have to finish this article.”

Izzie sat up and folded her arms across her chest, pouting. The rain started pounding harder. The Scottish woman hit enter on her laptop and buried herself deeper in her work. Izzie wrinkled her nose.

“You’re not fun, Dianne!” she mouthed. The writer stuck out her tongue and slid off of the bed. Dianne didn’t look up as her girlfriend walked out of the room.

“Please close the door on your way out,” she said. Izzie closed the door behind her.

“I love you too,” Dianne muttered. The door opened and the writer popped her head back into the room.

“Hm?” she asked. The Scottish woman waved her off and went back to typing. Izzie blew her a kiss and closed the door behind her. It looked like it was going to be an all-day rain too. Dianne only hoped that Izzie would find something to do until Kris came home. She had to push out the thought of him and Izzie having sex so that she could focus on her article.

Unlike Izzie, Dianne didn’t mind the rain. In fact, it helped her to stay focused on her article. She estimated that she would be finished before six. Granted that Izzie didn’t circle back and complain that she was bored again. Dianne held her breath. Here’s to hoping for that little miracle just for this evening.

“Dianne!” Izzie called from her room. “I’m still bored!” Dianne groaned and rolled her eyes. Well, there went that hope. Oh well, just ignore her and keep working. She had a deadline to meet.

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