City Lounge: New York (Book One, Chapter Seven: Wild Blush)

Chapter Seven: Wild Blush:


Hayley paced around outside of a Thai restaurant. She looked at her cell phone. They were always running late like this. It was because of her work schedules, but still today was urgent. Hayley took in quick breaths and rubbed her forehead. They would be here like they promised. They would’ve sent her a text if they couldn’t make it.

She looked up and saw a man and woman crossing the street. Hayley rolled back her shoulders and sighed. The pair came within inches of her.

“Why are you always late like this?” she asked.

“Sorry, we had auditions,” the woman with short brown hair said. Hayley sighed and shook her head.

“Never mind that,” she said. “Just come inside.” She pulled the man and woman into the restaurant with her. They sat at their usual table in the back. The whole time, Hayley looked around. If she had to see her in here again, she would possibly die. She allowed herself to breathe once they sat down. The woman with the short brown hair raised her eyebrow.

“What’s going on here?” she asked. “Why are you acting so jumpy?” Hayley’s cheeks turned a light pink.

“There is someone I liked,” she admitted. The man and woman looked at her intrigued.

“Who?” the man asked. Hayley looked down at the table.

“Neil…” she mumbled. The woman’s jaw dropped.

“Hal, you can’t be serious,” she said. Hayley buried her hands in her face.

“I couldn’t help it,” she mumbled. “She may be scary at times, but she can be just that hot!”

“Refresh my memory,” the man with them said. “Which one is Neil?” Hayley lifted her head.

“She’s black with dyed blonde crew cut,” she said.

“Does she have a diamond earring in her right ear?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“Ah, now I know who you are talking about,” the man said. Hayley buried her head in her hands.

“Why her?” the other woman asked. Hayley shook her head. She happened to look up when she heard the door open. A black woman with a blonde crew cut walked in. Her black leather boots drew attention to her from everyone in the restaurant. Hayley face turned bright red.

“It’s her,” she yelped in a whisper. Hayley turned away as she tried to hide her face. The man and the woman looked over at Neil talking to a waitress.

“I can’t look. Is she looking this way?” Hayley asked. “Elle, Ian, tell me. Is she looking this way?” Her friends looked at the woman in the jeweled jean jacket.

“No,” Ian said. Then, Neil paused and looked over her shoulder.

“Oh, wait, she’s looking this way,” he said. Hayley froze with her face covered. She shivered and kept her eyes away from her crush. The poor woman went as far as to crouch down in her seat with her face covered.

“Is she still looking this way?” Hayley asked.

“Yeah,” Ian said. Neil stood on her tip-toes as she kept looking. A waitress came over to her and muttered something to her.

“Is she still looking?” Hayley asked.

“No,” Ellen said. “She’s walking away with a waitress.” Her female friend breathed out as she lowered her hand. She sat up and put her head on the table. Ian opened his mouth to speak, but paused when his friend groaned.

“Why do you do this to yourself?” he finally asked.

“I don’t know!” Hayley whimpered.

“Why not go and talk to her?” Elle asked. Hayley looked up at her with an odd look on her face.

“I can’t do that!” she wailed.


Hayley pulled her hood over her face. “She scares me!” She put her head back on the table. Elle and Ian looked at each other with strange looks on their faces. A waiter walked over to their table with a puzzled look on his face.

“Uh… Is she okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” Ian said. “Could you give a minute?” The waiter nodded.

“Of course,” he said. “Take all the time that you need.” Ian nodded back as Hayley groaned.

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