A Brief Announcement

I would like to take this time to make a brief announcement to you beautiful people:

I am looking to publish volume two of Dreamland somewhere between March and April. It might be before or after I go on vacation. I will have to see how my schedule looks before I send it off to the beta reader. Meanwhile, I am still moving my site. I have taken to fixing some of the music on some of the sections. I’m shocked that sixteen years could total up to so many pages. Tomorrow, I will be posting some things as gifts as Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile in my little life, I have been burning through my Netflix queue. I’m down to about nine to ten items left on the list. I kind of wish the American Netflix had more anime and Japanese movies and TV shows. They used have A LOT of Japanese movies, but most of them disappeared. <sigh> It’s a shame, really. Maybe when they faze out their DVD section maybe we’ll see a bigger selection in the American Netflix.

Also, my car is currently being served. (Yippy, not!) I’m waiting for Toyota call back and that it’s ready. It’s not like I really need it right away, though. (I work from home as freelance writer.) Still, I would like to have my car. I need to put gas in it too.

Anyway, be on the look for volume two of Dreamland. Until then…

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