City Lounge: London (Book One, Chapter One: Fairy Tales are Lies)

Chapter One: Fairy Tales are Lies:


Fairy tales are lies. Love is also a lie. My heart’s been broken one too many times. I pretty much shut myself down from love and focused on music. Tonight, I tied up my trainers.

I hate working at nights. But as a DJ, I am not allowed to complain. I do love music, after all. But lately, everything has become dull around me. I just feel so… empty. I voiced this to my best mate, Jay, this morning.

“You’re just bored,” he said. Maybe he’s right, but that feeling hasn’t gone away.

I zipped up my hoodie before heading out the door. Everything I do feels like a machine. No thought, no emotion. I just do it. I didn’t used to be like this. There was reason, passion with my life. Now, it just feels dead. I shook myself of all those thoughts. I can’t worry with things like that. I have to work tonight.

My car’s been in the shop for five days now. I knew I shouldn’t have let Jay convince me to take it to Phil’s (He’s probably going to con me out of millions of pounds by the time he’s done with some bogus charge.) Hence why I am taking the bus tonight. I sighed and pressed my hand to my forehead. It’s a good thing there aren’t many people on the bus tonight. Just an old man and two teenage girls looking like they are dressed up for rave. One of them had long brown hair and reminded me of my ex, Sophie.

I began to feel sad.

We used to be so happy. I don’t know what happened. I heard that she was still around London. She always said that she wanted to live in Manchester or the countryside. I miss her camera and her taking pictures of me while I was asleep. I miss her laugh and her face. I miss everything about her, man.

“Next Stop, Fisher street!” the announcer said over the speakers. I reached up and pulled the chord. I didn’t even make eye contact as I walked off the bus. The club isn’t too far from the stop. (Though, it would’ve taken less time if I had driven there. Grrr!) I shoved my hands into my pockets and walked down the street.

This neighborhood’s usually busy at this time of night. Tonight is no different. I could picture the club being packed too. As I said before, I work as a DJ. I have always loved music since I was fourteen. I didn’t get into the club scene until about… four years later, I believe. It feels like much longer. I have my mate, Jay, to thank for that. Strange bloke that one is. I could go on all night about him. So many crazy stories too. But, you don’t want to hear about that. Tonight was rather special to be honest with you.

It goes something like this.

I walked through the alley to the back door of the club. The manager, Josh, stood at the door with his arms across his chest.

“Where have you been?” he asked.

“I told you, my car’s in the shop,” I said. “Told you this last week.”

“Never mind that, mate,” Josh said. “Just get in. The crowd’s waiting for the next song.” He grabbed me and pulled me inside. The other DJ was heading home for the night and met me as Josh and I passed by. He’s the main guy; I just cover the late nights here. I don’t mind it. It’s only on the weekends anyway. I walked up to the booth and spun the records. There used to be fire and passion in this. Now, I just feel nothing from this job. The dancing crowd means nothing to me. The flashing colored lights mean nothing to me. The pounding music, the spinning records, and the beats themselves mean nothing to me.

Confidentially, I have thought about quitting my job. However, I don’t have much of a plan after what to do afterwards. I can’t do anything else. I am good with my hands, but I didn’t want to work in a garage or construction like my dad and step-brothers. They called me a snob because I wanted something more for my life. I might not be posh, but there had to something better out there for me. Now, I just feel like a drifter in my own life.

I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. My mates, dad, and step-brothers aren’t much help to me either. Also, if I quit DJing, I will do something stop like fall in love again. I shuddered as I thought about all my past relationships. After I broke up with Sophie, I ended up running into a string of bad relationships. Most of the birds I dated either had emotional drama, psychotic, or both. I don’t understand how or why I fell for them in the first place. Thinking about it now gives me headaches.

I tried to let the music in the club distract me again. Even that is starting to fail. It used to distract and numb me. Now, I just…

Actually, I have no idea what the hell I want anymore. I rubbed my forehead and looked down my secret escape router. Josh is busy in the back again and the crowd is too lost in the dancing. I probably could escape and let myself have some time not to feel. I put on my long mix that I use for escaping and slipped out of the booth.

The warm outside almost took me for a shock. The club, Cherry Bomb, is usually burning or freezing. Tonight just felt rather nice. I stood in the alley and closed my eyes. Just five more minutes and I will go back inside.

That hopeful numbness was interrupted when I heard someone talking on the phone. It sounded like a bird screaming and crying over the phone.

“We’re over!” she screamed. “I don’t care! You’re nothing but a wanker! Fuck you! Fuck you!” The sobbing made me yank my eyes open. Hey, wait a minute. That sounds like… I turned and saw a bird with her back to me with long brown hair, holding her mobile in her shaking head.

“Sophie?” I asked. This bird turned around and my jaw dropped.

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