Controversial Album Covers VIII (End?)

Sadly, I am running short again this year. The project keeps getting shorter and shorter each year. It makes me sad. I might have to stop it here this evening unless you guys send me more covers that I haven’t done. In order to do that, e-mail me @ For now…

Year: 2016

The Hotelier: Goodness


The Problem: The album cover shows a group of middle-aged nudists posing in the middle of a forest. The group consists of five women and three men. The album cover was completely pixelated for its iTunes release, and many online news outlets overlaid a black box over the explicit areas.

My Take: I have no words for this. This reminds me of that French child’s clothing ad that accidentally had that nude middle-age man in the background. Yeah… I have nothing else for this. Make up your own joke for this.

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