Controversial Album Covers VIII (Pt. V)

Year: 1987

Steve Taylor: I Predict 1990


The Problem:  The album’s cover, influenced by early 20th century French neo-impressionist poster art and painted by Taylor’s wife, was controversial with some Christian retailers who instead believed it to be a reference to tarot and New Age philosophy. The album was pulled from several stores as a result. Further controversy was raised by the album track “I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good”, which condemned Anti-abortion violence. Some Christian bookstores which did not pull the album for its cover pulled it due to the song or its title, either because its critique of the pro-life movement offended store owners and customers, or because these same individuals missed the song’s satirical point, and believed Taylor advocated such violence.

My Take: It looks like a stain-glass window to me. The art looks great. You would think that Christian bookstore would support peace and love for all people. But alas, satire can be so hard to pull off.

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