Controversial Album Covers VIII (Pt. 1)

Welcome, welcome, welcome! It’s November and it’s time for some controversial album covers. I don’t know how much we have this year, but I believe that we have some good product here. So here goes…

Year: 1967

The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Axis: Bold as Love


The Problem: Hindu groups in Malaysia expressed anger at both the David King illustrated poster and cover which shows Hendrix and his bandmates as the deity Vishnu. The Malaysian government’s Home Ministry instituted a ban on the artwork in June 2014 to protect religious sensitivities.

My Take: Fun fact: this originally wasn’t going to be the album cover of choice. Hendrix wanted an Indian design, as in Native American Indian, to reflect his heritage. Instead, we got this. I am curious to know how the other design would’ve turned out though.

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