Presenting… Dreamland (Volume One)



Happy Halloween, everyone! Here is a little treat to enjoy.

Title: Dreamland (Volume One)

Summary: On the surface, Chikira Tokaji looks like every other teenage girl. But what sets her apart from her peers is her mental illness. Chikira has yume-no-muso and because of this, she is forever dropping off into a dream-like daze for long periods of time without warning. Chikira’s disease marks her as the target of bullies. On her first day at a new school, she is harassed and shove into the classroom closet. After an episode of her yume-no-muso, Chikira’s teacher notices her condition and has her stay after class to talk. And here begins the long road to recovery and Chikira becoming her person to stand up for herself and her family.


Only $.99! Buy it now! Have a happy Halloween and…

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