Rant Corner #4

It’s been a long time since I have done this. I had to let this one stew for two days before I had to collect my thoughts on this. So here this…

Two weeks ago, my aunt and uncle-in-law bought a lizard from PetSmart.  They named him Yoshi. Last week, their baby “dragon” died. Turns out, he had a Metabolic Bone Disease before we got him due to a lack of calcium and UVB light. By the time my aunt and uncle-in-law realized there was a problem, it was too late. In other words, their dragon was sick when they bought him.

Now running a pet shop, you would think that PetSmart would run checks on their animals before selling them. My aunt had to get serious to get her money back. I heard that PetSmart doesn’t really take good care of their pets in their stores. That’s not good business practices. I am so glad that I didn’t get a job there. Don’t buy your pets from PetSmart!

Rant Over!

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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. gfcurran98
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 02:25:26

    This story makes me sad, I’m so sorry that the illness wasn’t caught on earlier. I am a pet care specialist in Leominster, MA. I think how the animals are taken care of really depends on the employees that are hired. Myself, and the other pet care associates I work with really love the animals at our store. I was a veterinary assistant for two years, so out of habit I each and every animal for any signs of illnesses or injuries. If there is anything fishy we always make them an appointment with Banfield. We have a bearded dragon with the same problems you experienced. A quick recovery is expected and she is being very well taken care of. I’m truly sorry you had such a bad experience but I can assure you, not all of us are careless, and some of us (like myself) are professionals and have gone to college for animal care! 💗



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