City Lounge: Paris (Book One, Chapter Twelve: Simone On My Mind)

Chapter Twelve: Simone On My Mind:

By Friday, Simone had her hold over me.

I couldn’t get her out of my mind by the time I got to work. Last night, we went back to my place and we made love on the living room floor. I had no idea her finger nails were that sharp. I still have the scratches and rug burns from last night.

Somehow, I get excited chills thinking about it.

“Something good happen last night?” I heard someone ask. I looked up and saw Alexis sitting next to me, smiling like a fat cat. I leaned back, smiling.

“Something like that,” I said. He leaned in closer, grinning. I tilted my head.

“What?” I asked.

“Come on,” Alexis said. “Spill it! What did you get up to last night?” I leaned back, laughing.

“It’s kind of embarrassing, really.”

“Spill it. I bet it was hot!”

I couldn’t stop laughing as Alexis nudged me in the side. Everyone was probably staring at us, but that didn’t stop me from finally breaking down.

“Okay, okay,” I said. “It was a good night.”

“How good?” my coworker asked. I smiled like a wild hyena.

“Better than Paula?” Alexis asked.

“You can say that,” I said. My French coworker whistled.

“Who is she?” he asked. I turned and looked at him.

“What?” I asked.

“Who was the woman you hooked up with last night? Is it anyone in the office?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“Is she French?”

“Yes and no.”

Alexis tilted his head. “Yes and no?”

“She’s half French.”

“So what’s the other half?”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Does it matter?”

“Come on, man,” Alexis said. “Fill my imagination here. I want a sexy image to draw up in my head.”

“That’s way too much information.”

He sat back into place with his arms followed across his chest. “You are no fun.” I smiled as I returned to my paperwork. Sorry, Alexis, but you can not leech off my hot dates with Simone.

I paused with the pen in my hand.

Wait… Are we actually dating? I still don’t know much about Simone, but she has been getting really close to me fast. We’ve been sleeping together. We both know what we do for a living. I even met her family. She doesn’t even know my friends and I don’t know her friends.

But why couldn’t I stay away?

Every time I try to ask her questions, Simone stops me cold in my tracks. I don’t get the feeling that she’s hiding from me. It’s more like she’s trying to tease me along this crazy ride. I already committed myself to stick around no matter what. I only hope that I don’t get strung along for too long here. I sighed and put my hands to my forehead.

It still doesn’t answer why she’s so interested in me. I mean, Simone could have any guy in Paris that she wanted. Hell, Hugo would be a much better match for her than I would be. They both loved to party and have sex. I tried to chase out the thought of Simone and Hugo getting it on in a club bathroom somewhere.

Somehow, she found herself attracted to me. I still can’t figure out that mystery, but it feels nice. I can’t remember the last time I felt that rush. It makes me want to chase it down again and again. I don’t know what kind of spell Simone put on me, but I am starting to like it.

I leaned back with a smile on my face.

Somehow, I am looking forward to what Simone is planning for the weekend for us. I know that she is going to track me down like she always does. I don’t know how she does it. She can’t really be human. No human has strange magnetism like that. Because of that, I am fastened in this ride just to find out the truth about Miss Simone.

I looked at the time on my computer. It’s only ten in the morning? I frowned and resumed my paperwork. Suddenly, I began to remember why work sucks so much on the weekends. Plus I have nine more hours to go? I brushed back my hair and breathed out. I might as well just get this over with.

I picked up my pen and resumed my paperwork.

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