Got the Feedback Back, Just Need to Get Started On the Editing

I got the feedback for volume one of Dreamland back this morning. I just need find the time to make the edits. Then, I need to learn how to convert a Word document into a html page for Sigil for formatting. I think I have the cover picture saved on a flash drive. I would have to look through it once I get the “hard” work out of the way. I’m thinking that volume one will up and available for purchase in October. Yes, October sounds perfect.

Also coming back next morning, City Lounge! That’s right, I will be resuming the book in this blog and finishing out the first Paris section of it. However, I won’t be finished with the novel. Wonder what Will and Simone get up to when the next month comes up… Let’s just say there are some little secrets and mysteries surrounding Ms. Simone as the Paris book unfolds…

Work is going great for me. I keep challenging myself each month. This October, I have a huge goal in mind. Let’s see how I manage to pull it off.

Sit tight and wait for Dreamland and City Lounge in about a week or so. Until then…

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