Presenting… Hapless Cupid


It’s finally up, my darlings! Follow Tori as she to change her luck in volume three of Hapless Cupid. That’s right, it’s book pimping time!


Title: Hapless Cupid: Volume Three

Blurb: Tori London is on the up and up. She has finally quit her job at an undesirable restaurant after her boss tried to hit on her. Lucky for her, Bree is in her corner, cheering her on along the way. However despite a new job, problems always follow Tori. This time, Greg has a new girlfriend and they have invited her to a dinner party. Good thing that she has Brock on her side to survive this.


I don’t know what I will publish next. I will have to look through my massive collection of things itching to be published. The City Lounge books will be back when I get good and ready. Feedback is welcome on that book. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then…

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