City Lounge: Paris (Book One, Chapter Four: Simone)

Chapter Four: Simone:

Another night out.

Only this time, I’m not sulking at the bar. My eyes look around for that indigo queen. I didn’t have much to go on. I didn’t have her real name, but I couldn’t forget those deep brown eyes if I tried. It didn’t help that La Blue was packed tonight too.  Hugo was off flirting with is his girls in the club again. He didn’t even ask me why I wanted to go out with a hangover tonight.

“Here,” he said handing me a bottle of water before we left the house. I looked at him, blinking.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“You look like shit, friend,” Hugo said. “Drink up. Water is good for a hangover.” I frowned at him.

“Gee thanks,” I muttered. That water did do wonders though. By the time we reached La Blue, my headache went away. I think I kind of shocked Hugo in way in that fact that I had been drinking when he called me. He didn’t question it, though. I guess he still felt sympathy for me getting dumped by that traitor.

I smacked myself in the face. Stop thinking about her, idiot! You are on a mission here. I took a look around for that indigo queen who pulled me into her dance last night. It didn’t take me long to turn around and see the object of my attention walking towards the bar that I stood at. This time, she wore a dark green dress with her braids to her bare shoulders. My cheeks turned red as the indigo queen got closer. I tried to think of what to say to her.

That indigo queen came up to the bar. I put up my hand in a weak way.

“Excuse me,” I said said in a small voice. “Excuse me. Excuse me.” I went quiet when her dark brown eyes turned my way. It felt like she was staring into my soul. I didn’t know whether to run away or stay put. I didn’t know if she spoke English or not. It was a good thing that I was bi-lingual.

“I saw you last night,” I said in French. At first she stared at me. What the hell was I thinking saying something like that? I still couldn’t stop myself.

“We danced together last night,” I said. “Remember?” She seemed to stare at me silent. Did I say that wrong? Please say something, my queen. Don’t leave me hanging out in the cold. She broke into a little smile.

“Yes, I remember you,” she said. “What about it?” I about fell out on the floor at how well she spoke English.

“You can speak English too?” I asked once I recovered.

“Why yes,” the indigo queen said. “We French people can speak English too, you know?”


“Is there something that you wanted?”

I blinked at her. “Pardon?”

“Did you just come over here to tell me that you danced with me last night?”

I shook my head. “Oh, no, no! Uh… What’s your name?”

The queen flicked back her deep indigo braids. “Simone.” Her French accent made my heart flutter.

“I’m Will,” I said. Simone raised her eyebrow.

“You don’t party much, do you?” she asked. My face turned bright red.

“H-How did you know?”

She smirked as she ran her finger around the rim of her glass. “You’re awkward and look like you would rather be anywhere than here in this club. In fact, you would rather be at home, watching TV or reading because you have some boring job to get to in the morning.” Her face came within inches of mine. “How am I doing?”

I puffed up my cheeks before frowning and looking down at my feet. “You’re right. You got me.” Nice… Simone probably thinks I am loser now to. I looked up when I heard her take a drink and set down her glass.

“You know what I think?” she asked.

“No…” I said. Before I could form another thought in my head, her lips came within inches of my left ear.

“I think you and I have should have our own private party,” she whispered. Her tone and words made my spine go stiff. My eyes shifted over to her.

“You serious?” I asked.

“Of course.”

“But we just met and my girlfriend just dumped me yesterday…” I closed my mouth when Simone put her finger to my lips. Her dark brown eyes could chip away and drill holes into my soul. Something about this woman commanded every fiber of my attention.

“Does that matter?” Simone asked. Words failed me as I shook my head. Her plump caramel lips curved into a cat-like smile. She took hold of my hands.

“Take me back your place,” this queen commanded me. I would usually ask questions and try to find logic behind crazy plans like the one I was hearing. However, Simone made it all sound really… appealing. My eyes looked around, but Hugo was nowhere in sight. (He was probably off flirting with some other girls. Somehow tonight, that didn’t really matter anymore.) I gulped as I lowered my eyes down to her finger.

“Right now?” I asked.

“Yes!” Strangely, that was all I needed. The next thing I knew, I had grabbed Simone by the hand and we were running out of the club. I could’ve sworn that she was smiling the whole time that we were running. One thing was for sure, Simone didn’t bother to stop me as we raced out the door.

To Be Continued…

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