City Lounge: Paris (Book One, Chapter Two: Indigo Blue)

Chapter Two: Indigo Blue

Why am I here? I am not having any fun.

I sat at the bar frowning at my full glass.

The music around Club La Blue was making my head hurt as I stared at my booze. I looked around at all of the French people dancing on the dance floor. Couples looked like they were about to go first base. A few guys had no trouble hooking up with girls or guys. Some even paraded their  conquests out for the rest of the club to see. I turned back to the bar, frowning. I wanted to turn off the brightly colored lights flashing all over the place. This was a joke, right? Paula loved places like this? What the hell was Hugo thinking taking me out to a place like this?

Speaking of which, I looked around for that horny bastard. I sneered when I spotted him. Hugo was already surrounded by five or six women hitting on him over in a corner of the club. They all looked enthralled with him. One of them crawled into his lap and tried to kiss him. I shook my head. He had always been a player like that. I probably became an excuse for him to pick up more girls tonight/ He wouldn’t listen to me on the way to Club La Blue.

“Look,” I complained as he pulled me down the street. “I have work tomorrow morning. I can’t be out all night.”

“You need this!” he insisted.

“I need sleep.” My objections fell on deaf ears. Hugo’s always been like this. Probably the reason why he and Paula got along so well. Wait… he and her couldn’t possibly…

I shook my head at the bar. Nah, Hugo would brag about it first to my face and then apologize. That was one thing about our wild friend. Hugo was up front with any girl that he fell for that he loved all women. He believes there is no cheating if you are up front with everything. Unlike fucking Paula…

I sighed as I stared at my drink. Why am I even here? I don’t party or drink. I stayed home for my twenty-first party and played D&D back in Texas. Paula stayed in with me instead trying to drag me out to a club. I gritted my teeth as I tried to push that traitor’s face out of my head. I didn’t need to make my day any worse by thinking about her. My eyes shifted around the club again. Maybe… I could just slip out and get home. I’m sober and Hugo looks preoccupied with his new lady friends. I could just get up and leave without being noticed…

That’s when I saw her.

Flashing indigo lights drew my attention over to one of the higher stages. I saw a woman dancing by herself. My eyes kept moving with her curves in her tight black and red dress. The one thing that drew me into her was her long indigo braids as she moved. Her movements matched with the notes piercing the air of the club. Before I knew it, I rose to my feet and walked over to that beauty on the stage.

The music that was her partner in the club guided me towards her. I didn’t know what I was thinking at the time. Something inside of me motivated me to go over for a better look. From the distance, they woman looked intangible. Even some of the guys trying to dance with her couldn’t reach her. She had the appearance that said “you can’t have me”. I probably should’ve given up and went back to my original plan of escaping.

Funny thing was my feet were pretending to be Hugo and ignoring my reasoning.

Suddenly, the queen in the indigo lights stopped dancing and stared at me. Well, at first I wasn’t sure if she was staring at me per se. I did a quick look around and noticed that most of the people in the club were either dancing or flirting with other club goers. I pointed to my chest, blinking. This indigo queen danced over and grabbed me by the hand. She pulled me really close and processed to dance against my slender frame of body. I pretty much let her lead with the dance while I tried to move along with her fast pace. It felt like I in another world with this woman dancing with me.

“Uh… what is your name?” I began to ask. She put a long, slender finger to my lips and twirled in her dance. I could’ve sworn that she winked at me before she turned.

Okay then…

On the other hand, it gave me a chance to get a better look at this wild vixen dancing in front of me. Her gold and dark blue feather earrings bounced against her cheeks as she moved. Her hips tossed with the fast-paced jazz music that was her other dance partner. Did she really need me there with her? I kind of felt like a prop standing there trying to dance as she did all of the moving. I felt myself sweating as she cast her deep brown eyes upon me.

It was then I noticed how she came up to my chest as she moved around me. This little indigo queen took hold of my hands and tried to engage in the Latin-jazzy pop song that followed behind. I panicked when she moved my left hand to her lower back.

“Uh…” I said. She put her finger to my lips again and moved my free hand to further up her back. Her slender mocha arms wrapped around my waist. She’s so close that I hope that I don’t get a boner from the way that she’s rubbing up against me. I didn’t have time to process anything else as she pulled me along with her. I hope that I don’t step on her feet. Please don’t let me step on her feet. I just let her do the leading until the song was over. I didn’t know whether to enjoy this moment or feel awkward and out of place. Who was this little indigo queen? Why did she choose me as her dance partner when there were probably far better and much hotter guys to dance with her. I was just an average guy who became single this morning. It almost didn’t make sense.

Before I knew it, I stood alone on that stage. When I looked around, the indigo queen was dancing away from me as the music changed. Before she disappeared from my view, she turned and blew me a kiss. She winked before dancing into the growing crowd. I stood blinking like an idiot. I don’t really remember what happened for the rest of that night. I don’t remember if I took a drink or how I got home. I didn’t even notice Hugo giving me a thumbs-up at one point in the early hours of the morning. My mind was in a daze thinking about that woman who pulled me into her dance.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I think that indigo queen cast a spell on me that night.

To Be Continued…

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