Book Pimping, Planning, and Some Bitterness

I finally finished re-formatting my books. Everything is up and ready for sell. Now, I can go on and publish new material. I already have a new book in mind. Anyone up for volume three of Hapless Cupid? Of course you are! Lucky for you, I will be editing volume three and publish it. (Yay!) Also, I am planning to fix up the web site. I am thinking about separating my fanfics from my original works. There might be three different sections on the site: fanfics, published work, and non-published work. Plus, there might be better playlists and working music. This will taker longer to do the work than this blog did. Wish me luck…

And now for some disappointment. Today, Comedy Central has decided to cancel The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. I am not amused by this. They canceled it due to low ratings. I say, that is crap and get out the petitions. The final episode will air this Thursday.

Now it’s time for some book pimping…

Book #1:


Title: Sins of Women

Summary: Despite the success and good fortune that Madis Kairis has been blessed with, he still has one glaring problem in his life. All of his relationships with women have taken a turn for the worst in one way or another. One tragic scandal leads Madis to confide his and their “sins” to a therapist in an attempt to win back his wife. To better understand himself and the women in his life, Madis compares everyone to tarot cards in the major arcana. Starting with himself as the Fool in the deck, he tries to unravel where he went wrong with his relationships.


Book #2:


Title: Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

Summary: Ain’t Rest for the Wicked is composed of eight short stories revolving around four generations of the Braxton family living in New Orleans, Louisiana. From Calvin “Cal” Braxton’s relationship with his black girlfriend nicknamed Sweet Thing to the death of his great-grandson in 2052, follow the whole patched-up Braxton clan through life and drama through ninety-nine years of Southern chaos.


Look out for new material and a new-looking web site in the near future. Until then…

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