Blogging and Book Re-Release

So last week, I merged my blog from Blogger to this blog. One problem: the tags on Blogger ended up being categories on here. So the next day, I had the “fun” task of separating the categories and tags. Let me tell you something: it sucked! So time-consuming, but I got it done. Now, I have to go through and organize the categories again, edit and tag the posts that came from Blogger, and delete duplicate posts. This isn’t going to be fun, but I have to do it to look professional.

Meanwhile, I will be re-formatting Sins of Women tonight. I don’t know when I will re-release it yet. After this, I will only have Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked left to re-format and re-released. Tomorrow, I will attempt to do the blog stuff and happily start on the Durarara section of my Wasteland Project. Plus, I will watch said anime on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when I write each halo. (I call the chapters for that section “halos”.) So much to do, but I can manage it. While you wait, you can…

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