Presenting… Pink Films

First off, whoa! I had never known that all of my posts from Blogger when increase the post count on this blog. Don’t mind some of the repeating posts, I will go through and delete them when I have the chance.  Good thing is now my annual controversial album covers project has a new home. So, now the Blogger is gone and I still have other things to clean up and make functional.

And now it’s time for some book pimping:


Title: Pink Films

Blurb: In the modern day retelling of “Yuki Onna”, young Taro’s porn addict father is killed by a ghost from a pink film. Ten years later, Taro meets a strange young lady with a mysterious charm surrounding her. But yet, something seems familiar about her…


All of my short stories are now re-formatted. I just need to get my last two books and then I will work on new material again.

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