Focus Came Back, but Now I Feel Lazy

Well, I am getting back on task at least. But now, I have another little problem with my writing. I feel lazy– not just with writing, but it my need for escape. I am still looking for a job and I am still on so much inspiration and ideas for writing. However, this week I will attempt to break my own runt.

I am still looking for a job again. I created a profile on Linkedin to help increase my chances. (I’m already looking on and Talent Zoo.)  Hopefully, I will get something to get me moving again. I enjoyed having a job in the short time that I had one. Plus with more money, I could get better replacements for Pinky and proper editor. Let’s hope I can do that really soon.

As for writing, I will try to act on some ideas and look for new inspiration for my work. Yesterday, I discovered a YouTube channel called Creepy Plays. Sweet! I now have something to work with just in time for the Wasteland Project starting next Monday. Maybe this week, I will look through my folders of inspirations I have on Chrome. I also have my music on Audiosplitter. (I just learned that there are more albums in the City Lounge series. This should be delightful to make a new playlist or two. My original City Lounge playlist was too big and it was a pain to arrange it due to the size. Plus, there is another playlist that I have to fix up on Audiosplitter.)

In any case, wish me luck on my “quest” and…

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