I was Off-Focus Last Week

Last week, I could not focus on my writing. I have no idea what happened. I either found myself bored with the draft or I was too busy. I had two birthdays to celebrate last week. (My grandfather and my mother’s). My work wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be. Somehow, the distractions will probably carry over into this week too if I am not careful. Still, I will try to stay on task and get them done on time.

Sunday was my mother’s birthday and I cooked Orange Teriyaki Chicken from JustOneCookbook.com for her this year. I had a little bit of a time at first, because the chicken was still frozen. I had to thaw it out by rinsing it under hot water. The kitchen and some of the house got quite smoky because I was cooking with olive oil on high heat. I ended up keeping some of the sauce in with the chicken because it took too long for it all cock away. Still, the chicken turned out pretty good. Mom cooked ramen and broccoli and we chowed down. It was delicious. Here’s the recipe here:http://www.justonecookbook.com/orange-teriyaki-chicken-dru…/

Orange Teriyaki Chicken

I am still getting used to using the right mouse button as the primary button instead of the left. You see, the left button on my handheld mouse is all but dead now. So, I switched the button to make it easier to use again. It’s going to take a little mental training for that one.

In two more weeks, I will begin season five of my Wasteland Project. The waiting is still killing me, but it will be well worth it.

On an upside, Love Addict will be re-released soon. I don’t have an exact date yet, but it will up for reading again soon. After this, I will only have five more books to re-format. Pretty soon, I will go back to editing my books and publishing. Until then…

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