Presenting… Sleeper!

It’s all re-formatted and ready for reading. I just need to wait for it to go through the other channels via Draft2Digital and I will be set and ready to work on the next book. For now, enjoy as I shamelessly self-promote my book.

Title: Sleeper

Premise: Tokyo department store manager Masami was raised in a strict upbringing where showing emotion was a sign of weakness. Because of this, she could not mourn the loss of her long time boyfriend, Hideki. His ghost sees this as an act of betrayal and sets out to make her grieve for him. After he assaults her, she is cursed never to sleep again until she mourns. With nowhere else to turn, Masami calls up her childhood friend, Jurou, to help lift the curse. Things take a difficult turn when Hideki possesses the psychiatrist to carry out his mission. Now, Jurou must fight to keep control of himself and his own old feelings for Masami as he tries to save them both from Hideki’s sorrowful wrath.


Happy reading.

Next up? Bacchus’ Mistress! I already have the cover re-edited and looking better. I just need to re-format the book and re-publish it. That’s going to be a joy. (That book is fifty chapters long and I have to add the copyright, about the author, and other books pages too. Sheesh! Yikes!) Wish me luck! Until then…

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