I am Just about There

I got something finished today. It’s not my Fullmetal Alchemist fic, but it’s just about as old. It’s just a dumb little comic I had been sitting on for a long time. I couldn’t decide how long I wanted to make it at first. Initially, I wanted to make it twenty-six chapters long. Then I realized I wouldn’t have enough ideas to make that happen. (My plot bunny farm is already overflowing. I need to take out those little creatures first before I could come up with things.) I was stuck between thirteen chapters and twenty. Finally, someone suggested that I made it thirteen and here we are. I already had the first twelve down. After a bit of a touch-up on the section that it on and actually writing out the chapter, I am done with that little comic!

I will finish Anaconda on Wednesday. You can bank on that. It will be finished at last! I already picking out the music for the second to last chapter! I am going to finish it this week! Next, I will resume another old series that I have been sitting for quite some time now. Like I said, I need to clean out the plot bunny farm this year. My task list is helping me do that.

As for my published work, today I am cleaning up my bio for Canojo Koi. Next, I will fix the format for Sleeper on Wednesday. Today and Wednesday will be cleaning up day. I’m already counting down to it. However, I am still looking for a full-time job. At least now I know what I am looking for. I just need to apply and hopefully I will get two interviews with the same employer. The last time I had an interview, it went well, but they are still holding my resume in case they have something open for me.

Other than that, I will look for a beta reader for my Hetalia fanfics just to get them cleaned up just in time for the Wasteland Project’s new season coming up on June 27th. I hope that I can catch somebody. I am tired of reading typos and cursing myself for it. I think I will wrap up now. Have a good week everyone.

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