Presenting… Fall Semester!

Here is the re-post of the release of Fall Semester:

Blurb: On December 19th, 2012, beloved Tokyo University professor David Gabriel and his wife, Ashley were found murdered in their apartment. Shot to death in cold blood. Everyone on campus already knew who did it.

Miho Nakano started out as shy college freshman who fell in love with David, but could never express her feelings to him. When she found that he was married, Miho’s love turned into a deadly obsession.

As the police look for the fugitive student, a timeline of Miho’s decent into murder emerges.


This one was a pain in the ass to be able to re-format it properly in Sigil so that it will go through Draft2Digital. Today, it all up and ready for reading! (Turns out, I have to generate a new table contents for the chapters.) It was a pain, but I finally it! Now, all of the books under the “Noizchild Johnson” name is finished and ready for purchase. All that is left is to re-format the books under the “Canojo Koi” name. Once those are complete, I will try and go back to putting out new content. Until then…

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