Presenting… Hapless Cupid Volumes 1-2


I now have both volumes of Hapless Cupid published. Here they are:

Volume One:

She’s hereeeeeee! Join Tori London on her quest to turn her bad luck around in Japan. Volume one is now available on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Page Foundry!
Blurb:  Tori London has the worst luck. The crappiest job, no money, and her long-term relationship is a joke.
She moves to Tokyo in an attempt to change her life around, but bad luck follows her. Literally. And she’s jaded. Victoria, her bad luck Karma Angel, seems set on ruining her life. Good luck angel Bree, on the other hand, wants to help Tori turn her luck around. It seems to be working when she meets her next door neighbor, Brock Ferguson. Smitten, she’s determined to leave her old life behind. But that’s not easy when the angel on your shoulder is as bad as the luck she brings with her.
Go forth and read!

Volume Two:


Blurb: A new love doesn’t come without challenges. One week in and Tori London decides to strike up new relationship with Brock. However, that might be a little bit tricky when when her ex, Greg, moves to Japan because he misses her. Unlike the previous times, Tori has decided not to fall for his charms and stick to her will to turn her luck around.


Go forth and read!

Fall Semester has already been re-formatted properly. I just need the to re-publish it and reformat and re-publish all of the books under the “Canojo Koi” name. Pretty soon, I will go back to editing, formatting, and publishing more books. Whew! I am on fire with this! For now…

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