It’s Time to Wrap Some Things Up

There comes a time in a writer/author’s career that they have to let some stories go. I have come to that point with two of my stories. I started The Jetty and Anaconda back in 2007. Anaconda, my Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic, has gone on too long. I have been working on this for nine years. Nine years. NINE YEARS! Yeah, it’s time that I let it go already. I will be ending it next month. As for The Jetty, an original story of mine, I will be ending that on Monday after fifteen chapters. (Hey, I am bouncing back and forth between projects all the time. Sue me!)

Anyway, I will be re-releasing volume one of Hapless Cupid on Monday. Look for to that, my friends. I am just about done reformatting everything under the Noizchild name. Next up? The books under the Canojo Koi name, of course! Then I can get back to editing and publishing my work again. Until then…

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