It’s Time to Let it Go Already

How do you work on a project before you realize it’s time to wrap it up/let it go? I have been working on this Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic since 2007. That would make it nine years by now. Nine years. NINE YEARS. Yeah, I told myself it was time to wrap it up. I am trying to bring the smut-supernatural-fueled fanfic that I call Anaconda to an end. I mean, I have worked on this for nine years. It’s time to let it die and move onto other fics. The only question is what will I tackle after Anaconda is complete? I have a whole sack-full of things that I need to resume. And that’s not even counting what roams freely in my head.

Meanwhile, I am still on the hunt for a full-time job. I REALLY NEED A JOB BY THIS POINT. I don’t really fit for my part-time job and I seriously need to get away from it by getting a real job. Luckily, I have been applying for most of last week. I will start applying again tonight after I finish my homework. Wish me luck. For now…

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