Where is My Winter Wonderland?

There is no snow (yet). Instead, we have rain that could turn into ice. I’m patient, though. Hopefully, I will wake up to a pretty winter wonderland tomorrow. Still, that doesn’t stop me from working. The wikia for a fanfic project of mine is coming along nicely.

I heard a little rumor about books on Amazon about to be labelled with warning for poor grammar and formatting. This is enough of a motive for me to clean up my work and format it much better. The first one I will start with is Distorted Lullaby. I will read over it again and pick out a formatting program. Then I will re-promote my book to help sell better.

Right now, things are kind of slow. I have become a little more active on Twitter and Reddit. To tell you the truth, I am not a patient person. I hate the waiting so badly. I feel myself dying inside for feedback. However, I am partly to blame for this hang-up. I need to be a little more sociable online. I need to combat my laziness and get my productivity up to eleven.

For now, I will edit a Cardcaptor Sakura fic next week and try to be more socialable on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

-Noizchild Johnson

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