Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold…. Grrr! Get it together, man!

Come on, December! Get cold and stay that way! Curse you, climate change! I want to have a white winter! I want my snow, damn it! Stop giving me this warm weather crap! I do not live in the Southern Hemisphere! Get it together, man!

*Clears her throat*

Anyway, I have been binging on Sims 4 for the past week. I got it working properly after I worked out the mods that I had. Most of my special drafts are finished for Christmas Eve to Christmas. I just need to get on my Yami no Matsuei fanfic series, Ghost Doll, and post everything on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

My, where has 2015 gone? Things are still going well for me. I still have a few more days before this year is over. Wish me luck.

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