Controversial Album Covers VII (Pt. 15)

Year: 2013

(Note: I am stretching out the covers this year because I am coming up short. Hopefully next year, wiki will give me more to work with.)

Lady Gaga: ARTPOP
The Problem: The album artwork is a sculpture of Lady Gaga by Jeff Koons with her legs open and a gazing ball placed between them. Although no nudity is visible on the artwork, the album cover was still censored in the Middle East and China. Rather than traditional censorship, the gazing ball between her legs was enlarged to fully cover her breasts, and her legs were colored black so they don’t appear naked.
My Take: I know it’s a culture thing with this censorship, but enlarging the ball is enough, isn’t it? I mean, you can’t really see anything. Again, it’s a culture. If anyone has better knowledge of this, please post in the comments.

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