Presenting: Hapless Cupid

First off, I apologize for not getting this posted up last night. I fell behind with work and didn’t get around to posting. Tonight, I am here and I am now almost caught up.

I finished editing volume one of Hapless Cupid. I just need an image for the cover and I will be set. I even have plans for the next two volumes of the light novel series. Volume two will be released in October and three will be out in January 2016.

A little information on Hapless Cupid:

Tori London has always rotten luck. She ends up with the crappiest jobs, almost always has no money, and her long-term relationship is a joke. Her friend suggests that she move to Japan to turn her luck around. Upon arrival, Tori’s bad luck follows her until she meets her hot next door neighbor, Brock Ferguson. She becomes smitten and is inspired to turn her luck around. However, it will not be that easy. After two weeks of living in Tokyo, Tori meets her two karma angels– Bree, her good luck angel, and Victoria, her bad luck angel. Bree wants to help Tori change her luck while Victoria wants to keep ruining her life. Either way, Tori is determined to no longer be the loser in life.

Wet your appetite enough? Look forth to volume one this week!

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