Any Time Now…

I have another editor working on Sins of Women. I will get around to editing the book. Hopefully, I won’t be so lazy and just do it. For some reason, my “d” an “x” keys now won’t exactly type properly. I have to press down hard on them to get them to type out the letter. I’m still trying to fix them, though. It’ll take a while, but I know I can do it. I’ve done it before.

I have about burn through this cycle of my Netflix queue. I only have one reality series, one documentary, and three more movies before the list is empty again. Oh yeah, Distorted Lullaby got another review on another blog site. Here is the link: I’m actually okay with what she had to say with it. Maybe, I can send them more books to review. I will have to see. While I’m at it, go check out Distorted Lullaby for yourself. Here is the link:

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