Out of Editing Limbo and a Bit of Bad News

I have some good news and some bad news to share.

Good News: I’m finally out of editing limbo! That’s right, I have published a new short story. With that being said, I shall drop a little self-promotion.

Title: The Perfect Doll

Genre: Short story, family life

Summary: After eighteen years of an ordinary marriage, a housewife has an epiphany about how boring her life really is. After spending a morning of soul-searching through her past, she makes a decision to break free over her “doll house.”

Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B010W325S4

Plus, I will drive straight into editing Sins of Women. Look for it sometime in mid to the tail of July. On top of that, we might be seeing volume one of Hapless Cupid next month. Pretty soon, more work will follow I will have to finish more work for editing and publishing. I think the fire as returned everyone!

Now for the bad news…

Bad News: I recieved an e-mail on June thirtieth from Draft2Digital. Apparently, if author are publishing romance books to there, they will go bye-bye unless they are free. That’s right, I don’t know if you can still do this, but hurry and get Sleeper and Bacchus’ Mistress via Scribd. There some good news, however. Distorted Lullaby will still be avaliable on Scribd due to the fact is a women’s sleuth book.

Feel free to follow this blog and tell two people about it. In return, maybe they will tell two people and so on and so forth.


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