Fun with David Lynch

This week, I watched Mullholland Drive. This makes my second film by the director, David Lynch. (My first was Lost Highway.) I still can’t figure out what Lost Highway to this day. I can somewhat understand what was happening in Mullholland Drive, but it gets confusing when the two females leads go to the club. Which one was better? So far, they both seem about the same for me. Yet, they both were on my “Mind Fuck Movie” list and I had to watch them and they fuel my Wasteland 2011 fanfic project.

Next month, I will watch Blue Velvet. This will make my third Lynch film that I will have seen. I’ll let you all know what I think about it. (Don’t spoil anything for me! I want to at least pretend to be surprised.)

That’s it for now.

–Noizchild Johnson


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