TV Grade

Show on Trial: Aquarius

Premise: Moulder chases Charlie Manson to friend an old flame’s daughter.

First Impression after the Pilot: It’s not bad. The show started off a bit slow, but gave red flags about Charlie Manson in the first minute of introducing him. (My mom was like, “Oh lord! We know how this is going to end!) The end of the first two episode make me want to stick around and re-watch the first them again. Plus, I’m going to have to go and look up some details about Manson and a couple of other things. The lighting of the show gives it a type of vintage feel as you are watching.

Verdict: I think it will work out. I’ll give it a couple more episodes before I say anything else.

Hope: They pick up the pace a little bit. The potential’s there in the show.


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