American Horror Story Themes That I Have Noticed

Last year, I came up with this list in my head while I was waiting for my mother in the hospital. I wrote them down on two Facebook groups. This year, I decided to update them. So, here we go.

It’s not American Horror Story Without…


Murder House: Vivian

Asylum: Lana and Grace

Coven: Cornelia was trying to get pregnant

Freak Show: Desiree (Miscarriage)


Murder House: Vivian and Elizabeth Short

Asylum: Lana and Shelley was an attempt

Coven: Madison and Queenie

Freak Show: Penny (Debatable)

–Suicide/Suicide Attempt

Murder House: Ben, Violet, Nora, and Tate, who was suicide by cop

Asylum: Miles, Monsignor, Dr. Arden, and Jude (?)

Coven: Fiona (Interrupted by Spalding) and Alicia (Interrupted by Zoe)

Freak Show: Twisty and Dell

–Historical Figures:

Murder House: Elizabeth Short

Asylum: Anne Frank (Maybe, I think Charlotte was possessed by her.)

Coven: Marie, the Axeman, and Delphine

Freak Show: Edward Mordrake

–Gay People: Murder House: Chad and his boyfriend, Patrick

Asylum: Lana, Wendy, and Marion

Coven: Quin (I think that was his name, he was on the old Coven’s panel)

Freak Show: Stanley, Dell, Andy, Eve (?), Chester’s wife, and her girlfriend

–Death by Sex: Murder House: Travis

Asylum: Leo, Theresa, Pandora, and Shelly

Coven: Main jock that raped Madison and Zoe’s first boyfriend

Freak Show: Bonnie’s boyfriend and Jimmy’s clients

–Mommy Issues:

Murder House: Tate

Asylum: Thredson and Johnny

Coven: Cordelia and Kyle

Freak Show: Dandy, Bette, and Dot

–Three-Way: Murder House: Ben, Elizabeth, and Young Moria (Fantasy)

Asylum: Kit, Grace, and Alma

Coven: Zoe, Kyle, and Madison

Freak Show: Chester, Bette, and Dot

Anything else? Did miss I anything? Death and murder don’t count because after all, it’s called “American Horror Story.” Those sort of things are expected.


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