Happy 2015!

Welcome to my first blog post of 2015. I did a little cleaning up on the other blog.

Now for the news…

Bacchus’ Mistress 

I bestow upon you lovely people a new book. Do you like dark steamy dramas set against a New Orleans background. (I mean, who doesn’t?) Have a little taste this little teaser:

“He hasn’t slept in weeks. He hasn’t spoken to a soul in months. He thinks he’s unredeemable. But with the help of five women just as broken as he is, he just might find the light.”

Bacchus’ Mistress will be available early this year.

 Sins of Women

I will be publishing another book entitled Sins of Women. This is an erotic tarot card-themed novel with the setting of the Greek islands. Here is a little teaser for everyone:

“Madris lives a dysfunctional life with women. A combination of bad luck and poor choices only makes it worse. Through memories and tarot cards, he tries to navigate the core reason.”

Sins of Women will be available in spring of this year.

Have a happy 2015!


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