Controversial Album Covers VI (End)

Well, here is the end, my friends. It’s been a struggle to come up with enough album cover to come close to filling out this month. Oh well, better luck next year. Anyway, Distorted Lullaby will be available on Nook and Google Play on January 2015.

Onto the Album Covers…

Year: 2014

Nicki Minaj: Anaconda

The Problem: With her biggest and most notable assets on full display, it’s not difficult to discern why Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” album cover riled a few feathers. With just a thin strip of bright pink fabric separating Minaj from complete and utter bottom-half nakedness, the cover was definitely meant to stop people dead in their tracks.

My Take: I just want to kick her in the butt in this picture. Her booty just screams, “Kick me!” to me.

Pharrell: Girl

The Problem: Though without the shock and awe factor of some of the other album covers on our list, Pharrell’s choice of album art for “GIRL” definitely had its share of detractors. Author and activist Dream Hampton made her displeasure with the cover well-known, expressing her concern that no women of color were featured. But Pharrell fired back, saying that the woman he is standing closest to in the image is African-American. He told the Breakfast Club, “That just must suck man for people to look at something and to assume they know what’s going on. If they just bothered to listen to my album, they would know that my album was an ode to women, period.”

My Take: I see two sister girls on this cover. Some women are just haters, period.


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