Controversial Album Covers VI (Pt. 17)

Year: 2008

Nas: Nas

The Problem: One of the more serious album covers to make our controversial ranking, Nas’ “Untitled” depicted the rapper with what appears to be whip marks and slashes on his back forming the letter ‘N.’ While it’s obvious the symbolic meaning of this, it’s not surprising why it would make some people uncomfortable.

My Take: Ow! That’s just painful to even look at it. Ow! I hope that it’s photoshopped.

Z-Ro: Crack

The Problem: We really should have honored the majority of Z-Ro’s catalog on our countdown, but we figured we’d go with where it all started. In 2008 rapper Z-Ro released “Crack,” part one of a four-part series. His follow-up albums you ask: “Cocaine,” “Meth,” and “Heroin.” That’s probably all you need to know about why this album had more than its fair share of detractors.

My Take: Uh… Look I can see people in the smoke and the bowl. I’m really at a loss for words here. Anyone else like to throw in their input? Anyone? Anyone?


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