Controversial Album Covers VI (Pt. 16)

Year: 2007

King Diamond: Give Me Your Soul Please

The Problem: Based on a painting titled ‘My Mother’s Eyes’, Diamond is said to have based this themed album on a story of two dead children, murdered by their father, relating their story to him.

My Take: Uh… No thanks! I like my soul where it is. Go find someone else’s soul to take to replace your brother’s. I tried to find the painting that it’s based on. So far, I haven’t found it, but I will keep looking.

Top Dog: Slam Dunk’n Hoes

The Problem: We had a difficult time deciding whether this cover should be categorized as one of the most offensive or just one of the worst album images in all of music history. But ultimately we thought that the depiction of a woman being slammed into a basketball hoop, whether meant to be funny or not, was just ridiculous and feeds into a stereotype of sexism in hip-hop.

My Take: What was he thinking when he made this? I can’t even… I’m just going to walk away. Bye!


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