Controversial Album Covers VI (Pt. 14)

Year: 2005

3 Doors Down: Seventeen Days

The Problem:  The cover depicts a naked baby sitting on an old table with his genitalia covered by a wolf head. Stores such as, Walmart, Kmart & Best Buy refused to carry the album due to the obscene cover. Despite the controversy, the band had never changed the artwork.

My Take: Obscene? You can’t see anything? The wolf’s head covers just fine. They are just overreacting. Lighten up!

Bloodhound Gang: Hefty Fine

The Problem: Bloodhound gang’s latest album caused a bit of a stir with artwork featuring an overweight nude in a cardboard box. The gentleman in question doesn’t look too happy about it, either.

My Take: Not much you can say about a naked fat guy in a box. Is this the hefty fine they were talking about? You tell me.

Mortad Hell: There’s a Satanic Butcher In Every One Of Us

The Problem: If the mullet on this blood-thirsty cretin isn’t controversial enough, the featured festering alien has a few controversial tricks up his sleeve, including self-mutilation and abundance of bloody gore. No hands though, sadly, as they’re the first to suffer the butcher’s wrath.

My Take: Does this band and Cannibal Corpse know each other? Just asking…


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