Controversial Album Covers V (Pt. 29)

Year: 2011

Limp Bizkit: Gold Cobra

The Problem: The cover showed a King Cobra about to bite three women who are having sex and has a monkey behind the grass picking his nose. The back cover features a naked cone headed baby with a golden snake emerging from his mouth. Retailers such as, Target and Best Buy were highly offended and refused to carry Gold Cobra. Despite the controversy, the album has never had a clean alternate cover.

My Take: Wait, Limp Bizkit is still around? Both sides look too weird.

Sixx:A.M.: This is Gonna Hurt

The Problem: The cover shows an animated heart spiked with nails along with blood on the nails on a brownish-red background. Walmart refused to sell the album because of the cover, which they thought was “too gory”. Despite the controversy, Sixx:A.M. refused to change the artwork.

My Take: What is Wal-Hell’s problem with these album covers? I thought this one looked rather neat. Loosen up, Wal-Hell! It doesn’t look that bad.


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