Controversial Album Covers V (Pt. 19)

Year: 1994

Green Day: Dookie

The Problem: When Dookie was released, there was an objection to the song, “F.O.D.”, despite Green Day’s claims that the title was meaning, “Fuck off and Die”. Retailers Wal-Mart and K-Mart refused to sell the album because of the album cover which they thought was “way too violent”. The cover shows dogs throwing bombs and dirt on people and buildings and has a monkey about to throw some poop and shocking all the people with an explosion in the center. Despite the controversy, Green Day did not change the artwork.

My Take: It’s not that bad. Considering that the band about about to call this album, Liquid Dookie, this is nothing. Wal-Hell and K-Mart need to chill.

Korn: Korn

The Problem: The cover depicts a shadow of a large man holding a horseshoe and is approaching a young girl on a swing, the man appears to be about to attack the young girl with the horseshoe. Because of the offensive cover, the album was banned in Poland and Canada due to the chain stores in those countries saying that the cover was “too violent”. Despite the controversy, the band had never changed the artwork.

My Take: I never noticed that horseshoe. I just thought the man was going to snatch the little girl on the swing. There’s nothing really violent about it. He’s not touching her, it’s just all implication. Relax Poland and Canada. There have been worse on this annual display.


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